Vision & Values

Our Mission:
‘To be the best we can be’ by…

  • Encouraging children to make a difference to their own lives and the lives of others, close by and in the wider world
  • Developing children’s knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the world through purposeful, relevant, practical learning experiences they can fully invest in
  • Maximising the potential of each individual’s character, supporting growth through real-world examples both within and beyond the school to ensure children can succeed and flourish in a changing world
  • Prioritising physical and mental health, creating a culture of nurture and happiness where children have the capacity to thrive emotionally, socially and academically
  • Embracing the power of collaboration, working together and building positive relationships where children have a voice but listen, care and value each other as individuals

Our Aim:

Preparing our children to flourish in an ever changing world through empowering them to make a difference and motivating them to strive for personal achievement. At the heart of all we do will be an inspiring and investible curriculum that carefully nurtures character growth. Mental and physical health and an emphasis on the importance of building positive relationships will ensure happiness and long term success.

Our Curriculum Principles:

  • To focus on the development of basic skills with a particular emphasis on reading.
  • To actively promote a range of positive personal characteristics.
  • To implement a curriculum that is appropriately sequenced and and connected in order to promte ‘deep learning’.
  • To use the outdoors as an environment for learning.
  • To give children experiences that will enrich and extend their understanding of the world.
  • To use appropriate technology to support and develop learning.
  • To foster independence in attitudes and behaviours.
  • To deliver a creative and integrated curriculum that promotes engagement and fosters life long learning.