Year 5 Page

Welcome to our Year 5 page!

Mrs Pickaver, Miss Johnson and Miss O’Callaghan teach year 5, supported by Mrs Warner.

Read below for an overview of our exciting learning journey in 2022/2023.

Autumn – The Americas

Through investigating ‘The Americas’, children will be immersed in learning about other countries, cultures and life styles in this area of the world. Locational knowledge will be built upon whilst preconceptions will be explored and challenged. Children will be given the chance to draw comparisons with their own ways of life whilst opportunities will be given to reflect on their daily decisions. Learners will critically analyse the impact of human life on the planet and how consider we can make a positive difference in the world. Cross curricular links throughout this topic, will enable learners to encourage supportive debates, develop their analytical skills and work collaboratively with others. Over the term, children’s character will be enhanced by recognising the importance of developing tolerance and understanding of other’s differences, norms and values. This message is of key importance to enable children to continue to maintain positive relationships with people currently in their lives and ensure this with individuals that they will meet in the future.

Animal in Hands

Investigating cube numbers

Making Mexican burritos

Spring – The Tudors

In the Spring term of Year 5, we will be stepping back in time and exploring what life was like in Tudor times. Throughout this history topic, children will be immersed in purposeful and relevant lessons which are aimed to develop their analytical skills about the successes and mistakes of this time period. Cross curricular links throughout this topic will enable learners to encourage supportive debates, develop their analytical skills and work collaboratively with others. We will be making purposeful local links through geography, with the possibility of heading to Bosworth battlefield for a day where we will be able to learn more about the battle itself and life as a Tudor. We will have an opportunity to make a Tudor purse using our DT skills, where we will invite some of our family members in to take part! In Art, we will be making Tudor roses out of clay and creating Tudor houses using various materials. Lastly, we will be learning how to dance like they did in Tudor times. To round it all up, there will be a chance to show off all our incredible learning through an exciting Tudor day in school.

Summer – The Victorians

Through purposeful and relevant lessons, children will be inspired by factual information—driven by historical context and analysis— to understand how the mistakes and successes of past civilisations still impact on our life today.

By exploring the legacy of the Victorians on today’s society (education, industry and working conditions), children will understand that history can help us to understand and make a difference in our own futures. They will compare and contrast their own lives to childhood in the Victorian Era.

They will be encouraged to think about good and responsible citizenship, and develop the skills of judgement and decision making by thinking about the world around them through an understanding of the past.