Year 2 Page

Welcome to our Year 2 page!

Miss Eggleston, Mrs Neal and Miss O’Callaghan teach year 2, supported by Mrs Hurst.

Read below for an overview of our exciting learning journey in 2022/23.

Autumn first half- Happily Ever After
Having explored fairy tales in Year 1, the children are introduced to a whole new world of “twisted” fairy tales, The Big Bad Wolf becomes the Big Bad Pig and it’s Jim not Jack and the Beanstalk. They will become authors of their own twisted tales when they innovate the stories Goldilocks and The Three Little Pigs.  We have the opportunity to understand and discover what human and physical features are, in readiness for when we visit our home town of Syston after half term.  The children will learn how positive relationships should be valued and nurtured in friendships, families and communities.

Autumn second half- Fire Fire!
It is 1666 and a fire has started in a bakery on Pudding Lane, a fire that will go down in history as The Great Fire of London.  Our hall will be transformed into a street scene from the period where the children will be immersed in life first hand and learn about the fire from people who experienced it, including famed diarist Samuel Pepys.  The children will make links to their Science learning about materials and their properties last term when considering why the fire spread so quickly and also the lessons learned when Sir Christopher Wren redesigned London.


Ink Making


Candle Making

Bookmark Making

Bookmark Making

Spring- Waste Warriors
We will be applying our year 2 responsibility of litter pickers to identify waste in the school and its grounds and also other methods of waste in school, e.g. electricity and water waste.  With our vision in mind, we will be learning how the small act of picking one piece of litter can make a huge difference both locally and globally. The children explore the importance of reduce, reuse, recycle what this means and how they can help the environment to make a difference. We explore and understand how over the years our locality has changed, especially in our own home town of Syston. We will be comparing how houses looked in the past and how they are different to houses today. We can make links to how houses have become more sustainable and eco friendly from solar panels to generate power to viewing wind turbines in our own locality. With this knowledge in mind we hope that children can also educate and inspire others to become a waste warrior too!

Leicestershire Wombles

Litter Picking in Syston

Wonderful Writing

Stop Waste!

Save the World

Summer- On Safari
The children in year 2 will be going on safari in the summer term with an exciting trip to Twycross Zoo to look forward to!  Through reading the story Meerkat Mail,  the children will learn about living things and their habitats in Science, with a focus on the Kalahari Desert and the Congo Rainforest. Links will be made between our learning about rainforest habitats and the study of A Tiger In A Tropical Storm by Henri Rousseau in our Art lessons. We will build on our Geography learning in the Spring term about physical and human features to compare two contrasting locations (Syston and Botswana).