Our topic this term is Marvellous Me and My Community.

We have been visited by a paramedic and police officers. The children had an opportunity to experience the inside of an ambulance and police car.  They learnt about the different responsibilities and equipment that these occupations use to do their jobs.

The children also wrote captions about different people who help us in our community.

One of our key texts this term was ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’. The children wrote captions about different parts of the story. They took part in a variety of writing opportunities, one of which was a shopping list for Mummy Bear.

Oh no! Goldilocks has broken Baby Bear’s bed!

The children received a letter from Goldilocks asking for their help to build a new bed for Baby Bear.

They worked in small groups to collaboratively plan, design and construct beds using a variety of craft resources.  The children worked so well together!