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Welcome to the family support page.

In this section, you will find support for a range of issues including wellbeing, behavior, SEND, family counselling, bereavement and other circumstances that may affect you, your child or your family.  It is a developing part of our website that we will update regularly and welcome any recommendations from parents about services that they have found useful.

Home Based Activities

Living Through Social Distancing

Wellbeing Family Forum

Support for Children with Autism (Link-Up)

Getselfhelp website


Take A Moment 

CORONAVIRUS 2020 -as we receive family wellbeing materials during this difficult time, we will upload them for families to access in this section.

Also please refer to our ‘Home Learning -SEND Support- Useful Resources’ for simple activities you could do with your family.

If you find anything that may be useful for other families, please email and I will share it, if it is appropriate.

A Range Of Resources And Websites

A useful idea from a child:

Talking To Children About Illness

Advice For Parents And Carers Coronavirus

Anger Iceberg

DFE Recommended Websites For Family Wellbeing

Things To Look Forward To Jar

Mindfulness Challenges For You To Do With Family.

SEND Resources & Links For Families April 2020

4th May 2020

Twinkl have uploaded some very good ‘Social Stories’ that you could use to help with anxieties around the Covid 19 virus and school closure that your children might have. I have uploaded them below.They are in WORD format so you can edit them.

Learning From Home – Social Situation

Why Can’t I Go To School Social Situation

Keeping Safe Outside – Social Situation

Helping In The House Social Situation

Coronavirus= Social Situation More Suitable For Older Children

11.May 2020

The Red Cross have put together some packages to help families through the School Closure. Please take time to look at the ideas- they may be just what you need!

Red Cross Power Of Kindness Calendar

Red Cross Stories Of Resilience Study Plan

Red Cross A History Of Kindness Study Plan

Red Cross Messages Of Kindness Study Plan

Red Cross Living Together With Kindness Study Plan

This online book will is a great way to explain ‘worries’ to younger children.


Also, can we remind you of a fantastic charity Leicester Children’s Holidays which provides free holidays for children in difficult circumstances.  E.g. Low income households, family issues, bereavement, children who are carers and looked after children.

Please contact Ms Lee if you are interested in this service.


When recommending websites we have taken great care to use resources that we have used in school, know through other educational sources, or have been forwarded by professional bodies, such as the DFE.

However, given the exceptional circumstances it has not been possible for us to review every website. Therefore we would advise that all parents and carers take the usual measures before sharing with children:

  • Check that the content is suitable for age and ability
  • Be aware of any cookies that may be part of the website
  • Be aware of any GDPR issues that may arise, and what your personal information may be used for.

W/B 1st June 2020

Space Themed Mindfulness Colouring Pages

Superheroes Mindfulness Colouring Pages